All Students Welcome

Hosting the CU's Freshers Barbecue

We at Buckingham would like to extend a warm welcome to all students starting at Bristol universities this autumn. Our location, just opposite the BU students union, makes us very local to student life.

Our services are based around a study of the Bible that we hope is both encouraging and challenging. Sunday lunches are available at various church members houses, or for the very brave, downstairs in the church hall with our twenty or so Romanian Roma children at their Roma children’s lunch.

University is a key time for most people, and life transforming for some. Come and join us as we seek the Lord together and honour His call on our lives!

Oli (Civil Engineering, University of Bristol):

Oli (Student)“I am really enjoying my time in Bristol and at Buckingham. I’ve made firm friends from all over the world here.

As a spectacular 1842 Gothic revival style chapel, Buckingham remains a landmark in the landscape and community of Clifton. The teaching is interesting and easy to follow whilst being true to the Bible.

There is a real sense of community at the church thanks to the congregation’s dedication to charitable and mission work abroad and locally. People really care about individuals, and I know that many people pray for us students daily.

Opportunities I took were to be involved with the music and work with the children; something where helpers are always welcome.

I would particularly recommend the annual church party, bonfire party, and superb fellowship lunches. The Young Peoples’ Bible Studies and Film Nights are also great.

I highly recommend Buckingham to anybody coming to Bristol.”

James (Geography, University of Bristol):

James (Student)“My name is James Hallier, and I am a Geography Student at the University of Bristol. I love learning more and more things about God’s creation, which surrounds us.

I really enjoy being part of the church at Buckingham Chapel, as there is a great mix of people, who are all very welcoming. I really appreciated the warm welcome I received when I first arrived in Bristol and onwards. I always look forward to catching up with them all every week and really miss it over the summer when I return home.

The church run a young people’s bible study every month, which have been really invaluable times to get to grips with God’s word and also meet up with other students and young people at the church. The last series we did was on the sermon on the mount, and I am grateful for the teaching which has really helped me develop my own skills during my own personal reading time.”