Covid-19 Update

On 19th July the UK government removed all legally binding Covid restrictions for places of worship, in line with Step 4 of the PM’s roadmap.

In response, the leaders of the church at Buckingham Chapel have sought to follow a balanced approach, making use of the greater freedom we now have while still taking sensible precautions against the spread of the virus, especially while infection rates are still high in our area.

We are now singing again in our services, though for the time being we are asking that a face mask be worn whilst singing. Those who cannot wear a face mask for a medical reason may also sing, but will need to be seated in a specific area and if possible wear a face visor (provided). If the weather is good then the last hymn will usually be sung outside with no need for a face covering.

We are encouraging people to talk outside rather than inside. Please respect people’s personal space and do not get closer than 1 metre without permission.

Services continue to be live-streamed for the benefit of those who are shielding, and some of our weekday meetings are online only.

For more information, please contact our pastor Oliver Gross (0117 336 8711,