Christmas Day Service 2019

On beautiful sunny, bright, crisp Christmas morning we gathered together to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

It was wonderful to have many visitors join with us.

As we arrived we were greeted by the wonderful sounds of musicians playing well know carols praising the Lord.

The hour long meeting started with a children’s talk by our Deacon James Martin.  He spoke about being on Santa’s ‘nice’ or ‘naughty’ lists.  He demonstrated that we are all on God’s ‘naughty’ list due to our sin. We heard that by repenting and taking Jesus as our Saviour we can be acceptable before God and join His ‘nice’ list, because of what Jesus has done for us.

This was followed by a short talk led by our Deacon Dr Simon Benham. Simon’s talk was titled ‘God’s Original Christmas Ornament’ and was based on Matthew 2 v 1-12.  His three points were:

1 – The Christmas Star reflects God’s glory
2 – The Christmas Star shows God’s guidance
3 – Beyond the Star is God’s great Gift

The full talk can be listened to here