Prayer Meetings

Wednesdays, 7.30-9.00pm

Prayer is perhaps the most fundamental of all Christian activities and central to the life of any genuine church.

It offers the Christian not only the opportunity to praise God, but is an expression of our conscious dependence upon Him and a time to enjoy a sense of His presence.

The Lord Jesus himself commanded that men should always pray and not lose heart. He stated that there is an undeniable link between what Christians pray for and the blessings they eventually receive. Prayer is also of importance in discerning the will of God when seeking guidance, and for receiving protection and inner peace in times of difficulty.

Our Lord Jesus exemplified the best habits of prayer in His life and ministry as recorded in the gospels.


At Buckingham, we recognize this by starting each year with a week of prayer meetings. In these we thank God for His provision in the year that is past and express our need of Him in the year that is to come.

Our weekly practice is to gather as a church for prayer on Wednesday evenings from 7.30-9.00pm.

A passage from the Bible is selected for study before an outline of church related needs is given and we engage in an extended time of prayer.

In addition to its necessity, it provides a wonderful opportunity for spiritual encouragement and refreshment. Again, everyone is welcome to attend this meeting.

We also meet on the first Friday of each month for a time that, after a short devotional Bible study, is specifically devoted to prayer.