Livestream Instructions

God willing, the church will still have a morning and evening sermon each Sunday at our usual service times of 11:00am and 6:00pm, and a Bible study on a Wednesday at 7.30pm, via a live broadcast online. The church now has a YouTube channel where future services will be broadcast until further notice. Please follow the instructions below to get to the broadcast:

1. Follow this link to get to the church YouTube channel:

2. From there, you can see the next scheduled broadcast on the front page of the channel (for example, this Sunday the broadcast is called “Flight of the Prosecutor”). Click on the picture of the chapel next to the scheduled broadcast to be taken to the video. (See example in the screenshot below)

Alternatively, you can follow this link to get to tomorrow’s broadcast directly. (Please note, this link will only work for tomorrow’s broadcast and not any future broadcasts):

A YouTube account is NOT required to view this broadcast.

If you do miss tomorrow’s livestream, it will be viewable on the channel under the “Videos” tab at any time. 

If you do have a YouTube account, feel free to subscribe the channel and click the notification bell to get notified when the next stream is scheduled and when sermons get uploaded (highlighted in red in the screenshot below):

If the stream doesn’t load for you, or if it keeps buffering, please refresh the page and check your internet connection. Don’t forget that all sermons will be viewable after the broadcast has ended.