Yvonne Lim

I grew up in a family of Buddhists, so the existence of God was not a foreign idea. However, when I was growing up, I believed that I did not need Him. I wanted to live my life my way, I wanted to be in full control. But, I stand here today very grateful to know that God chooses us, we do not choose Him.


When I first came to England from Malaysia, I was having a very difficult time coping with everything. I felt very lost. I didn’t know what to do with my life. In the midst of all my trouble, someone told me that I didn’t have to do everything by myself and that someone up there was looking out for me. I started going to church but I was sceptical about it. I did not believe that anything would change. I certainly did not picture myself standing here today. I felt more and more convicted of my sins after each and every service but I was not converted. I couldn’t bring myself to pray or repent. I could not understand how God could love me after all I had done against Him.

One Sunday morning while I was in church, I told myself that I had to reconsider my decision of attending services. I wanted to give up. I could not find my answer and attending services left me feeling miserable inside. God called me home that very day. I realised that the answer lies in the simplicity of the gospel, ‘for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son’ to die for my sins. So long as I repent and believe, I will be forgiven. I know now that I need Him more than anything else. I need Him even for the smallest things like getting through the day. Truly, God is my strength and my provider. I am aware that He has blessed me with more than I deserve. I thank God for saving me from myself. I thank God for giving me a new life through Christ.


As an act of obedience to God’s words and commandments, I was baptised. My baptism symbolises what Christ has done for me. With his precious blood, He cleansed me just as water cleans our physical body. Through my baptism, I profess my faith as a believer of Christ and testify that He is my Lord and saviour.