Ladies’ Meetings

Alternate Tuesdays, 11am-12.30pm

Women of all ages are warmly invited to attend our ladies’ meetings, including those who are unable to attend our church on other occasions.

The format is friendly and yet focused, alternating between a discussional Bible study and an  invited speaker. Recent Bible studies have explored the book of James and various aspects of practical Christian living. Invited speakers are asked to choose their own topics and cover a wide range of Biblical themes.

Each meeting includes a time of worship, sharing and communal prayer, followed by refreshments and fellowship.

These meetings should be of interest to all Christian women who are seeking to grow in their faith,  and who wish to deepen friendships with fellow believers.

Please feel free to drop in at any of the meetings. For more information, please contact Christine Lewis on 01275 857071.


Here is the programme for the ladies’ spring 2024 meetings:

16/1 Ros

30/1 Ros

6/2 Naomi

20/2 Alison

5/3 Heather Donnelly

19/3 Ros

Here is the programme for the ladies’ summer 2024 meetings:

23/4   Margaret Burness

7/5   Ros Norris

21/5  John Norris

11/6   Ros Norris

25/6   Sue Finerty

9/7    Ros Norris

16/7   Summer Buffet

Here is the programme for the ladies’ autumn 2024 meetings:

10/9   Sue Finerty

24/9   Ros Norris

8/10   Alison Evans

22/10  Ros Norris

5/11   Rhona Madden

19/11   Ros Norris

3/12    Suzi Twine

10/12   Christmas Buffet