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Give Full Attention
John 14 vs 1-11  –  Roger Hitchings  –  July 3, 2016
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Reflections on a Referendum
Proverbs 14  –  Oliver Gross  –  June 26, 2016
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Answering a desperate need
Acts 3 vs 1-16  –  Roger Hitchings  –  June 19, 2016
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The mystery of godliness

Why do today’s Christian’s seem to struggle so much with godliness? Is it that hard to be godly? Wasn’t it much easier in the old days? Paul, writing under divine inspiration in Romans, gives the answers to these questions and more

The many gifts in a church

A casual glance at Ephesians 4 v 11 can suggest that anyone who isn’t an elder can sit back and relax. After all, we believe that the time of apostles and prophets has passed and in many cases, the pastor is preacher, teacher, and evangelist. So why would there be a need to discover, encourage and develop spiritual gifts among the ordinary members of a church? In 1 Corinthians 12, we find the answer